The Story

Several moons ago this schmuck named Jeff met this jobber named Dave.  

After sizing Jeff up and realizing his gray hairs belied his age and ill-perceived wisdom, Dave correctly determined Jeff was not a threat.  Jeff could easily see Dave was a mark and brought him into the fold to help him out of a jam.  This is how Dave began to help Jeff build pedals for Damnation Audio.  Dave’s own company, Baltimore Sonic Research Institute, continued to innovate with crazier and crazier ideas with a prolificness that made Jeff super jealous.

Jeff, suffering from a bout of analysis paralysis, enlisted Dave to help him finish designing a fuzz he had promised to his ever-patient customers.  Ten prototypes and thousands of tacos later, they were no closer to being happy.  Dave could find the good in every iteration and Jeff could only find where he failed. Ever the perfectionist, Jeff had resigned to losing this battle. 

One day Jeff, while on a soap box, suggested that the secret to a good distortion is a simple marriage of two ideas.  Dave took this inspiration and made Jeff an offering to thank him for years of free tacos.  Jeff was left in awe that not only was this a lovely gift but that his random distortion idea actually sounded good.  

While Dave toiled away on the day's quota, Jeff started stacking other devices with his new prize and a happy accident occurred.  Ears perked and realizations manifested.  This random electronic detritus Jeff conjured on his pedal board sounded good - and fuzzy.  He found the sound they were searching for all those months ago.  He found the fuzz that was promised.  Dave heard it too.  This crazy idea of a pedal was a baby with two fathers and carried their DNA to a fault.  This pedal could shake rooms with Jeff’s lumbering bass riffs and in the same breath shred ears with Dave’s six string pyrotechnics.  Neither one could take credit for this happenstance, but they decided they wanted to share their baby with other riff agriculturists.  But does the world really need another fuzz?  The schmuck and the jobber think so.

Dave and Jeff talked about how they could bury their failures and combine their powers for good.  They were in a unique position of knowing how to make killer pedals and wanting to do something good with the world's most niche and pointless skill set.  The idea was suggested that they build this new fuzz for charity.  That idea was drunkenly expanded to, "let's make a micro-brand of Baltimore-themed pedals so we can help out even more folks".  The cause was decided quickly when Jeff's neighborhood school began soliciting donations for band supplies and instrument repairs.  They didn't have enough working instruments for all of the kids. 

"This...", they thought, "was it!".  Salt Box Workshop was created, a batch of pedals were built, and promises were made.  Can't turn back now.  So they will donate a large portion of proceeds of the first batch of pedals directly to the school's music program.  They looked around at music programs in other schools in thier community and saw some in even greater need.  So, if given the oppurtunity, they will partner with as many schools as they can and build as many pedals as they can to give as many kids as they can the right to learn the joys of music regardless of their school’s finanical status.  

So that's the story so far.  We truly hope you enjoy our first offering, the ridiculously (and fittingly) named "Spite Box", and keep an eye out for more ridiculous ideas from these two humble dirt merchants.

And for those scratching thier heads?  What is a Salt Box?